Unforeseen Dilemma #10

James watched with tension as the two exhausted policemen parted the bushy shrubs with their hands to make walking through it to where he was standing with his gaurd easy.

The evening mist on the shrubs might have moistened their jean trousers and jackets. They returned without a catch and James breathed a silent relief. Thank God!

“Where is he?” The policeman gaurding him asked.

“Couldn’t make anything of him. It’s hard through the shrub. but he’s definitely a criminal up to some mischief. He had a pistol.”

“My God, ” James sighed

“What? Anything you might want to tell us?” They asked being too curious for comfort.

“Nothing really. Never knew this area could be a hideout for bandits. Shouldn’t have stopped here.” He said while they looked on silently – suspiciously.

“I really need to get going. As I said earlier, my wife is fighting for her life at the hospital.”

“Sorry about that but, do you know him?”


“The man who ran away of course.”

“No! No! Can’t believe you’re asking me this question. He’s probably a robber lying in ambush to rub a susceptible passer-by like me. I’m damn lucky he didn’t strike before you came along.” James said while one of the policemen rumaged in his boot. The rest nodded but he noticed they were not deceived.

“Can I go now?” He asked wondering if Sarah and Mr Adams were still hiding close by or had run during the chase. He thought about The Man and what he would be planning to do next.

“We need to take you to the police station, sir.” The policeman who searched his boot said.

James could not believe his ears. He made a frantic vain move with his clenched fist but stamped the dusty ground instead. If they took him to the station he would never save his daughter. He needed them to leave so be could find the man to continue the journey to redeem his daughter.

“Please do not do this. Let me go, I have not done anything wrong. I don’t know this man. I came along as you did and was pressed. I only stopped this car to help myself.” He tried very hard to explain.

“We have not said you did anything wrong Mr..”


“James. Hey, come on, we’re not going to lock you up. It won’t be up to one hour and you’ll join your sick wife.”

“Believe me, I don’t have anything to do with that man.”

“We know!”

James was handcuffed and lowered into his car. He felt that his hopes of seeing his daughter again had been dashed. He began to sob as one of them went behind the wheel of his car, started his engine and drove in the direction they came. A second policeman was in the rear with his shotgun in hand. The third drove the police patrol car and trailed behind them.

“They’ve gone, sir. Thank you.” Sarah whispered to Mr Adams. She had fought tooth and nail to keep him pinned to his spot and not run to the refuge of the policemen as he desired to.