I, Gabriel 1

My name is Gabriel! You can call me Gaby. I grow up in the small town of Zuika watching the sufferings the people around me have to go through just to complete a single task and I think that they’re not created to suffer this way.

I shed tiny bits of tears one day looking at my mum standing close to the cooker sweating like a sacrificial lamb, kneading the dough she used to bake bread for breakfast.

That same day I also cried watching my mum chew her bread, working hard to grind it with her molars and it seemed hard swallowing it too. At that point, I couldn’t bear it anymore and had to look away.

I’m so much pained to know that if I happen to grow up, I will definitely be like them; the same suffering which goes on and on.

So, I’ve been thinking that it will be really helpful to invent a machine like a robot but far more sophisticated and can do lots of work in a twinkle of an eye, while people do nothing at all. I dream of this stress-free world. I hope the future finds me there.

Hello, my dear valued reader!

Hope you’re doing well.

Domain Chaos #6 couldn’t make it to you today. See you next Friday for the continuation of that exciting story..

Thanks for your constant support.💝

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