Musing | One’s Actual Character Shows Up When Under Pressure

Normally, I don’t curse, neither do I ‘return’ curses and as a motorist driving daily in a busy city,  I understand bad words well and no matter how calm a driver I am, I could be pushed to react to the insults hauled at me by other motorists just for little or no reason at all. I’ve heard words like, “Take that thing you call a car out of the road! “You better go get yourself a good driver, woman!” Don’t you know how to use traffic lights?”( I slowed down when the light turned yellow by the way and of course this annoys most motorists) “Come, woman, take that old box out of my way!” On a good day, I’ve been called a “witch” and a “bloodsucker”, I couldn’t sleep for days because of the last two insults. I’m human, and not some kind of robot, the first thing that comes to my mind is to say one or two bad words but I had to zip it and endure. My no-cursing character had been established over a long period even as a child. I trusted myself in that area and my kids know I don’t use cursing words. But, a day came in which I was insulted by a pedestrian. She rained insults on me for not using my horn to alert her that my vehicle was right behind her. She called me a ‘stupid woman’ and I couldn’t believe my ears.  I didn’t use my horn quite alright, but I tried to avoid her. It was when I had avoided her that she looked back and attacked verbally and cruelly. Well, I returned her insult and felt so bad afterwards for doing that. That same day I realized that no matter how good you want to be, things are bound to happen to make one fail but if one is able to overcome the urge to be bad when pressured – that’s a great character. Maintaining a good character is hard but not impossible. I resolve once more to let go of things that drag my personality to the mud and to work hard to maintain a credible character no matter what.

Dear Reader,

Hope you’re having a wonderful Holiday. I know how busy and excited all Christians can be this season. Hope you understand why my posts aren’t coming as should. Bear with me my dear❤. I’m busiest during holidays, especially Christmas season – you won’t believe it. Lots of people around to give attention to. So, I’m going to be musing a lot about things happening around me and my emotions.

I’ll keep reading your great posts as much as I can. So, keep them coming.❤

Fiez will be back on 7th January by God’s grace with my regular posts. Thanks for being a part of my blog.

Merry Christmas🎄🎅🎁💖!

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  1. Ours is a ‘crazy’ world where the attitudes of fellow humans tend to test our mettle every blessed moment. It takes one with a strong moral constitution and resolve to keep his sanity through it all. Even the best of humans aren’t perfect. We can only make conscious effort to ensure that we don’t let go of the goodness in us.

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