I Miss You, My Dear Solitude

Image source: vinomig.com

While with you one day, I felt a little lonely and couldn’t resist the impulse to lubricate my rusting social life. In no time I got myself lost in a crowd.

I was dusted alright, but was also picked me from your lovely company into a boisterous life.

Eventually I lost you. I watched you take your leave out of my life – quietly, without a fight.

I was helpless in their company and couldn’t run after you to ask you to stay. I was having too much fun at the time. No doubt they were fun. So much fun.

When I told them that I needed you so I could concentrate and write, they bursted into loud laughter that made a caricature of me.

“Life is only but once. So enjoy it,” they say. “You don’t want to waste your life confined to a corner.”

Deep down, all I think of is how to escape to you but with them everywhere around me – with their enticing chatter and jokes way into the early mornings, it becomes very hard.

Look at me now! I’ve not written a thing a while, since you got kicked out of my life.

I miss you even when they’re all here. I can’t wait to have you back to myself, my dear lovely Solitude.

© Florence Ezekafor