How Many Words Should a Story Have?


Word count in story writing is essential. It determines what category a story should fall into – whether it’s micro fiction, flash fiction, short story, novelette, novella or a novel.

Whatever the length of the story, what matters is getting your reader to read it without getting bored.

Having said that, below is the estimated guideline for how long a story should be;

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4 thoughts on “How Many Words Should a Story Have?”

  1. “Whatever you do make your your story is not impaired by word count”.

    This is rich and resourceful. Personally, I just set out writing – ensuring I say aptly all that needs to be said. Having put down my thoughts in bits and pieces, I then begin to fine-tune it: ensuring it’s not wordy but precise. Word count is then at the mercy of whatever is left after editing. The rule is to say all that needs to be said in accurate terms.

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