How Often Does The Brain Need A Reboot?

Image by Baguette

Our brains need systematic reboot just like the computers and as often as is neededful. The term reboot might sound technical but then our brains are the best computers money can’t buy and it’s high time we pressed the reset button when when we begin to lose our minds.

We tend to forget how fuzzy thoughts can become when the brain is not refreshed or rebooted. Oftentimes, our brains get all messed up in a way. We feel crazy – like we’re losing our minds due to the accumulated needless, distracting and interfering thoughts in our minds. Sometimes we get irritated and angry because of this. We find it hard to think straight or properly. If only we could realize at that point that we need to unwind and reboot the central nervous system to feel alright.

What Can Brain Reboot Do For Us?

Brain reboot helps us to get rid of those irrelevant deflecting thoughts that distract us when we really need to focus on the thought that matters or task at hand.

It refreshes the brain and prepares it to function more effectively.

If you often get confused or carried away because of interference of wrong or irrelevant messages from the brain, it’s time to reboot your brain.

It could be that your negative thoughts and emitions are eating up your brain or your brain is so stressed as a result of multitasking – your brain is fuzzy and you can’t think right, it’s time to reboot your brain.

Ways You Can Reboot Your Brain

Get a quality sleep

A quality sleep works well to refresh the mind. When you get a sound sleep, you feel like a new born baby and you feel so calm and relaxed. You feel peace in your head until thought begin to come in. To get a quality sleep you need to detach yourself from your electronic device 30 minutes before sleep especially your TV and phone. The phone is a huge no no around your bedroom. It’s the best distraction you can get at any time.

Meditate daily

Meditation is a sure way to reboot your brain. Take some few minutes to reset your mind with this awesome relaxing activity.


Have you ever noticed that after exercising you feel very fresh and cool headed? Try daily exercising. You don’t need rigorous exerciseee to achieve this. A simple 20 minutes exercise even as simple as walking the dog, playing outdoor games with your kids, hiking, playing tennis or swimming can do a lot to reboot the brain.

Positive emotion

Your thoughts connects with your emotions and this effects the way you react to certain situations. When you dwell more on positive emotions like joy, peace, patience, hope, gratitude, love and every other positive emotions, you’ll be able to to keep your mind and reaction calm and peaceful. This doesn’t mean you should avod negative emotions altogether – by the way it’s hard to avoid them. You only need to pass through them quickly so they don’t blow your thinking pattern. When you feel anger, try focusing a positive emotion like amusement to get you quickly out of it.

Listen to relaxing music

Listening to music aids with learning and can help us to concentrate more. The feel-good chemical released during misic refreshes us. Listening to the music we love can reduce our stress and help us think well.

Time in nature

As a writer, I find spending time in nature very relaxing. It boosts my concentration, positivity and creativity. There is nothing more relaxing than spending time in nature. You can talk a walk outside in a serene environment to connect with our natural habitat. The evenings are the best for me, 4 pm to 6pm.

Check the food you eat

There are foods that are not good for our brain function. Foods that put the gut lining in bad condition. The brain function better when the gut does. Find out what you can do to fix your gut. Make sure you eat healthy.

How often should you reboot your brain?

Brain reboot should be done daily and effectively during sleep, exercise, meditation and so on. One good thing about the our body is that it warns us when something is not going well. Always check for the signs and reboot.


Your brain is your thinking power. The better it works, the more productive and creative you become. Pay attention to it and know when it needs to be rebooted.

Thanks for reading.👋💕