Love That Never Ends

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I love to hear the echo of her laughter

As my feet leaves the cliff of her heart

I love the crushing shove

That sends me away to the deep

For I’m sure to fall on the wings of my love

I should fall on the rock around her soul

And probably crash

But there is this faithful hawk that keeps saving me

This hawk – my love, burdened by her hate

Keeps taking me back

To where I’m sure I eternally belong

It hovers around her

Until her hate picks me up once again

In it’s helish claws

And feeds me to her fiery lions

I get eaten

And I’m truly sorry that I’m pleased to be eaten

If I perished by her hands

I’m certain to be happy in my demise

And will keep loving her till forever comes

When I’m bruised by her hate

I get healed by my love in her eyes

Each time she picks me up and waves me before her slowly face

I forget the glimpse of of her flaws

And go limp within the strength of my love

I know I’m a confused man

Foolish and stupid too

I also know that if I keep loving her

My life will never cease

© Florence Ezekafor