Domain Chaos #8 – A Tinge of Hope

Ndubisi walked into the Land and Property Bureau with Igwe Okelue.

He had sat with him over the land issue and on seeing his late father among the signatories, he vowed to fight on his behalf.

The courageous Igwe had pleased Ndubisi by promising to stand by him. Ndubisi esteemed people who would see the truth and speak it without minding if their heads would be eaten in the process.

The spacious reception area was filled with people who waited in queue for their turn to be attended to.

They bowed and hailed him Igwe and made way for him to pass. He smiled and responded by patting each one of their bent backs with his traditional hand fan, made from tigger skin.

“Welcome, Igwe!” The receptionist greeted and Ndubisi wondered when she got to them. He watched her face beam with excitement.

The man she was attending to had stepped aside for Igwe without a grumble. Ndubisi thought that if Igwe were not a VIP, the same man would have bitten off his ear in annoyance. He had grown to learn that you dare not chance someone in a queue in Igbo land. Someone could fight to the drop of the blood over his rightful spot in a queue.

“Come with me Igwe.” The receptionist led them to the Director’s office.

“It’s that simple,” Ndubisi whispered and Igwe touched him with his Fan jokingly. He flinched. Igwe leaned towards him and whispered in his ear to wait for him at the door.

“Let me clear the ground first. Hand me the land documents.”

Ndubisi nodded and quickly dipped his hand into his briefcase. He brought out the original copy of the land documents and handed them to Igwe who gave him an assuring smile and walked into the office with the receptionist.

In less than five minutes Igwe came out with the Director. Ndubisi focused on their handshake and hoped to hear a positive news from Igwe.

“Everything is under control. He is my very good friend. Don’t worry. They’ll remove the quit notice tomorrow. But he said Eke would not go to rest but was sure he won’t challenge his own Igwe.”

“I didn’t know the brute is from your town Nibo” Nubisi said as both entered Igwe’s car.

“Yes!” He said, a little bit sad about Ndunisi’s choice of word. He ignored it. “He’s from the rebellious village- they believed Kingship should be rotated among the ten villages of Nibo, ” he said and shook his head.

“I dont know him well, ” he continued. “I have only seen him once in real life. I did see him on the television during one of his money spraying spree.” Igwe said and avoided telling Ndubisi about Eke’s visit to his palace. It would be unethical to do that.

“What next Igwe? ” Ndubisi asked when he was dropped of at his office.

I said don’t worry. Don’t worry yourself. Everything is under control. Eke won’t fight me. I’m his Igwe. Go to sleep.

Ndubisi bowed and hailed as the driver drove off.