Heartbroken Dust

Nonso met a warm beautiful 23 year old Precious in the bus one morning while rushing to work and knew he had found what he had been looking for – a wife.

One thing was certain, his difficult mother would certainly approve of her as her daughter-in-law considering her good nature and the fact that she was from her town, Umuchiaku.

When he disclosed their engagement few months later, everyone was delighted and couldn’t wait to see her.

But when Nonso’s friend, Fred, set eyes on her, the memory of a friend of a friend sister’s burial came afresh in his mind. The same girl, Abigail, stood before him extending a handshake.

Cold chill swept through him and his body was filled with goose pimples.

“You look like someone….someone I know.” She smiled and her smile revealed more.

“A lot of people tell me that,” she smiled again and he looked at at Nonso who was a bit confused.

“Do you know each other from somewhere?” Nonso said and looked at both of them. Fred flashed a smile at Nonso and had to take his leave with an excuse that he remembered his door wasn’t locked and he needed to get home quick.

“What was wrong with your friend?”she asked.

“To be honest, I don’t know. Have you me–?”

“No!” She said before he could finish.

Fred confirmed Precious was Abigail who died in a ghastly car accident and was buried two years ago. Her souvenir still hung behind two calendars on his passage wall.

Serious problem developed when Fred tried to convince Nonso he was about to marry a ghost and although Nonso said it could be issue of look alike, he was afraid of going home to Precious after work each day.

But Precious knew. She knew Fred had found out about her. She knew the moment Fred came along that he would spoil things for them.

“Can’t believe you believed him!” She had said when Nonso kept being afraid around her after she tried to convince him she was not who Fred was thinking.

“Why do you want to allow your friend to destroy everything we have worked to build?”

“Are you a–?”

“No! They don’t have body like me!”

“I guess you’re a special kind of ghost.” Nonso said, his teeth clenching, his lips trembled and his hands and feet felt very cold.

“Stop that.” She vanished and appeared behind him holding his shoulder. “Ghosts have no form and can’t touch you like this,” she tapped his shoulder at the same time and he flinched out of terror.

“Did you….just disappear?”

“Nooo, Nonso! It’s all playing in your head. That’s the problem.” she said and vanished again and he saw her at the bedroom door.

Nonso ran away from the house but she followed him around. At that time, only him could see her. No one else could.

So, each time he screamed at the unseen to stop following him and kept running away, people thought he was insane. He was taken to the psychiatrist hospital. She followed and tormented him with her apparitions.

One day, her heart was broken when Nonso’s family took him from the hospital and hid him away in a place she couldn’t reach- The Monastery.

One day, Nonso saw her in his dream. She stood before the sea one morning staring at the horizon, her illusion began to fade into the wind above the sea until she was gone- lost forever.

He didn’t see her again and took an oath of celibacy in honour of the One who saved his life.


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