Hellow Anger, I See You But Hate To See You

I have seen you in the eyes.

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You looked like a dire perdition burning down an entire existence.

Your passion heightened by seconds from smoky golden bronze to blazing sunny yellow to slashing red.

You tossed me off my feet into a horrible fiery unrest and instead of fleeing, I was rooted to a spot, shocked.

It’s stupid but I couldn’t move.

I only knelt down where I was, slowly with my hands in the air as if it was an order and as if you were a cocked riffle pointed at me.

How could I have escaped from those daggers which couldn’t possibly miss a target?

I have seen you in the muscles.

You had twitched so hard and vibrated to the extent that from a distance, it made my entire body feel tremor.

I had shrunk to the lowest level of my being and had embraced the earth, willing to fade into its core lest you dealt a blow.

Image Source: Pixabay

I have seen you in the hair.

You’re so powerful that you made it lose its spirit without a touch. It had gone stiff in no time and pointy like an arrow before my eyes.

I have seen you walk across the streets

You always walked in an urged wicked strides along and across the street. You frequently held a lethal weapon looking for blood to shed, worse still, the blood of the innocent.


I have seen you around the lips too

Even such things as the lips! I have wondered why the poor lips. That’s the last thing anyone would ever like to attack. You so much held it that it trembled involuntarily within your grip.

You make the skin bleed to death and turn to a ghost without having to die.

Why is that?

Your poisonous venom destroy our world and your fire burn down our dwellings.

Image by Stephen Radford, Unsplash.com


When will you extend a peaceful handshake to your outlaws?

How do we clear your aura off our individualities?

Can we ever stiffle you with brotherly affection?

Can we ever overpower you with tolerance and kindness?

I hate to see you angry Anger!

I hate to see you around as aggressive and intolerant as you have become.

I hate to see you rule our societies and decree what will happen.

I hate to hear you speak. I would rather you sat and listened.

You shouldn’t react too.

You should sit at a corner and breathe.

Breathe until you’re fit to correlate and disappear into harmony.

I know you’re part of humanity but all we need now is peace.

Image by Ian Schneider, Unsplash.com

Calm down now anger, give peace a chance.

© Florence Ezekafor

6 thoughts on “Hellow Anger, I See You But Hate To See You”

  1. An excellent description of how anger presents itself, Florence.
    Anger can be called the iceberg emotion, in that only part of the iceberg is visible above the water, nine-tenths is hidden under water.
    Usually there are emotions hidden under anger. A common one is fear. Others are humiliation, jealousy or vulnerability.
    Men, unfortunately, may be comfortable expressing “anger”, but culturally not so comfortable expressing fear, or other uncomfortable emotions.
    Thanks for a great article.

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    1. This is spot-on! There is more to anger than could meet the eyes. There were times I found it hard to associate fear with anger but have come to realize that both take their root in the feeling of loss of control over situations. Thank you so much, Sally for your insightful comment😍💕.


      1. Yes, Florence, anger is complex. For example a mom might be yelling at her kids in “anger”, but really she might be feeling fear, wondering if her kids are becoming “out of control”. This is a very profound article that you have written. 🤗

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        1. Now that’s a relatable example😃😃. Day after day, we moms experience this, Sally. 😃😃 It’s funny but true. Sometimes I ask myself, ‘what have they done to deserve this yelling?’ It’s not them, it’s us! We’re afraid we might have lost control!


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