Domain Chaos #9 – Power Of The Chief

Ndubisi reached home from work the same day to discover that the quit notice on his gate and X-signs on his walls had been peeled off. He was stunned.

So quick? Hahaa! When power meets with another power the weaker power bows.” He soliloquised as he pulled over in front of the entrance and stepped out. He walked along the front of his fence like a brave and nodded.

Without seeking for details from his family, he quickly called Igwe Okelue to inform him that the notice had been removed. Igwe told him to meet him in his palace as soon as possible for further plans.

His wife, Njideka met him at the gate with excitement to give the details. Ndubisi couldn’t hold back his grin.

“How did Igwe achieve this?” Njideka asked.

“Igwe is a man of timber and calibre. Today I found out he’s more powerful than I’ve thought – more than the man called Mr. Eke.” Si Why didn’t I make these reputable people my pivots after the death of my father? Mr. Ikedi and Igwe Okelue are two people that I shouldn’t have joked with.” He said and took her hand as they walked back to the car.

“Mr. Eke’s lawyer was here after the LPBA. He threatened to sue.”

“That scolding goes to the Lion. Igwe is involved now. Eke can’t fight his Chief. By the way, he’s from Nibo.”

“You don’t mean it.”

“He is,”

They both leaned on the car bonnet as fresh evening breeze swept across their faces. Ndubisi inhaled, exhaled and gave out a mocking laughter. To him, peace had come back to his life. Even though it’s not certain what comes next, his burden is now resting upon the shoulders of a worthy man.

“Did Eke’s lawyer come into my compound to say that?”

“No. He stopped at the gate and was complaining bitterly to the two men with him.”

“That’s great. If I ever see he here again, he’ll be in trouble,” he said and Njide looked at him. He seems very confident.

Ndubisi lowered himself into his car and drove into the compound. Njideka locked the gate and joined him. As they were walking up the stairs, she stopped and looked at him thoughtfully.

Ndubisi sensed she stopped and turned to look at her.


“Something tells me Mr. Eke is going to hit hard next.” she said.

“Everything is under control NJ. Relax!”