Money Hides In Tiger’s Ear – Indian Proverb

Money doesn’t fall from the sky, neither do we pluck it from the trees like leaves or fruits. It’s not that easy. If you have been through money-making struggles, you sure understand.

Imagine yourself faxed with overpowering a tiger to get money from its ear! It’s no exaggeration that money is that dangerous to make. Money making is a risky business. Sometimes it looks simple when we forget what we or others have been through.

Despite the difficulty in money-making, we make it anyways. We go out there, come rain come sunshine to do what we need to do.

We go ahead in its pursuit because money-makingis a do or die affair. And you know, when it comes to do or die, people pull off their hairs and chew, take the bull by the horns and make it happen.

It’s true some people are born with silver spoons. These people seem to have it all at their beck and call and at the snap of a finger or clap of hands. But someone somewhere suffers for the money to come. And the people with the silver spoons have to be cautious with their expenses lest that someone goes bankrupt.

Have you noticed some people are careful with their money? People are careful with their money especially those who have suffered for years to make it. They went through scurging hardship without any help, when they finally hits it, kai, its very hard to get it out and share with others.

When I hear people call others stingy, I tell them don’t, you don’t know what he passed through and are still passing through. You need to walk in their shows before the condemning.

It’s true there are naturally stingy people out there but then, no one should take offence because their hard earned money is not anyone’s right but a privilege.

When people ask for money, they should always have a place in their hearts to show sympathy to the giver and understand what a sacrifice giving is considering how hard it could be to part with cash or things money can buy.

Growing up, we didn’t know how hard it was to make money. We didn’t have even a hint of what it took our parents to provide us with our basic needs and send us to school. We didn’t know what they went through each day when they came back tired and worn out. There was even a time I was annoyed with my dad for not paying my tuition on time.

But now I understand when we’re going out of cash and our kids begin to make lists of what we should get for their them, shoes to change, a kind of school bags they’ve spotted or a pizza or sharwama joint to visit.

It’s hard you know.

There is no easy way to making money. There is no quick way of hitting it big. All it takes is hard work – working smart with patience.

Money comes at last. It does.

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