Unforeseen Dilemma # 11

Mr Adams and Sarah raised their heads above the shrubs to scan the dark area before them. Their eyes followed the car breaklight for a while before hastened to the road to watched the dust trailing behind them.

Once they’re out of sight, they turned to face each other.

Mr Adams raised both hands without a word and brought them down on his hips. Sarah sensed he was disappointed to let the police go uninformed. To her that could have been a bad idea. Once the police got to know, she would certainly not see her mother again.

“Sir, I’m sorry for putting you through all this. I’m sincerely sorry. You can find your way home, sir. I need to find the man to get to my mother back. ”

The shrub moved and their eyes went in that direction. Sarah thought it was The Man. It had become too dark to see anyone clearly but not dark enough to notice the shaking shrub. They waited in silence for whatever it was to materialise.

The shrub moved again and they both moved away from the area. It could be a snake finding it’s way to the road – to stretch out for cool evening air but a fast animal ran out of the shrub across the road to the other side.

“What could that be? This place is dangerous” He said.

“It could be a grasscutter.”

They both went silent.

Sarah picked a spot on the road away from the bushes and sat down, bent her knee and braced it with her entwined fingers.”

“You must be joking Sarah.” But she’s not joking. Her mother’s neck is on the line. She must find him to find her mother. She asked him to find his way home.

But he couldn’t go. He couldn’t leave her alone in that lonely and dangerous area – in the dark not even after getting him into a fish net of a criminal.

“How are you sure this man has your mother as he claimed? How are you sure he’s not scaring you with an empty threat?” Sarah looked at his obscure face and thought for a while.

After waiting for an hour, Sarah began to sob and Mr Adams couldn’t stand that. He couldn’t watch a matured lady cry but he couldn’t move close to console her. He took her hand instead and dragged her up

“Something tells me this man will be back at your house in less than 24hrs. I don’t think they’re going to hurt your mother. I want you to trust me concerning getting the police involved. I have a good plan” He said in a low voice as if the shrub had ears. Sarah didn’t talk but kept sobbing. With the passing of her father about a year ago, her mother had become everything to her. She couldn’t afford to lose her.