Writing In Times Of Difficulty

Writing could happen the same way you relax on a beach stretcher sipping on your choicest drink as long as you are at peace within you, On the other hand, writing could be almost impossible when there is rioting in the mind due to a pressing issue.

If you are able to continue with your normal writing schedule when hit with an overwhelming difficult situation, do accept a thousand bow.

It’s hard to continue with a normal writing schedule when your world is falling apart.

You could be concerned and probably shaken by the hubbub around the world and except you decide to focus on writing about the covid-19, and it’s related topics like social distancing or fear management, you should as well be chasing the rats around while your house is on fire (or so your mind will tell you).

At the beginning of the year, I made my first writing resolution ever and it’s to add a thousand words a day to a book I’m working on. I was doing just that when the covid-19 became the talk of the world and I’m left with the news of the confirmed cases and thousands of deaths by the virus to deal with.

Each time I find myself before the keys, unusual questions keep popping up; Who are you writing for? For the sick? The dying? The worried, The scared? Who are you writing for, Florence?

But one thing is certain

The world doesn’t stand still when difficulty comes. The tick-tack of the clock hanging on your wall tells you that life goes on even in time of difficulty.

People still eat, people take their bath, they still smile and joke around about their worsening situation, they exercise to stay fit, they read books to calm their nerves, they talk and get involved in activities.

Write through a difficult time

To do this, you may have to deviate from your normal writing schedule if you’re is not strong enough to stick to it despite the rattlings in your head.

  • Write about your feelings

This works to keep you writing wether you are mourning a loved one, just received a rejection letter, facing a break-up or battling with bankruptcy. you can write about how you feel about your present situation or what you think about them.

Not all writers like writing about their emotions especially when it’s too personal but go ahead and write them anyway. After all it’s not a must that you share them with someone. You can delete them whenever you want from your note.

The reason why you should write from you feeling is because at this time, this is all you are left to deal with and to keep writing and feel better.

  • Keep a journal

This is the time you need a journal most. In your journal, write daily how you feel about the situation at hand – what is getting better and what’s not_ your interactions with others, survival or healing ideas, inspirations feom your surrounding – whatever comes to mind.

Write whatever you decide to write in your journal at your normal writing time if this time is possible in your current difficult situation-

Through your Journal writing you’ll discover how it helps you deal with the situation at hand and at the same time keeps you motivated to write every day.

  • Write on a related topic

Writing on the topic that is related to your present predicament could help you keep you write about what interests you at the moment. For example, if youre faced with the death of a loved one, you could decide to write a profound tribute or a memoir or beautiful memory you have of him or her. If it’s a natural disaster that left you with nothing, you could write about your plans to bounce back after a disastrous tornado.

  • Read and write on an inspiration

Take some time to read. Reading can help your recovering process and offer you some inspiration, humor and encouragement. Write on how the book has helped your situation or how the book has inspired you.

Try to write but do not push it

If you feel like writing is not the right thing to do at the moment, do not push yourself. Take a break and try later. Writing is not a do or die afair. It’s what you do when body and mind are in a good or at least a manageable state.

Difficult times can kill your writing zeal but know that life is not completely free from difficulty and if you should allow one difficulty to stand in the way, you’ll never write.

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