Sunday Inspiration |The Violent Wind

The violent wind hits hard and watches in admiration as the trees swayed from side to side in distress.

She hit again and again to raze the trees, but the trees refuse to yield, instead, they pretend to be having a good time.

They are in pain but determined to confuse the wind.

The wind not knowing what is going on thinks they are enjoying the wrecking show.

The trees sway their branches in beautiful motion and wriggle their stems – the wind gets confused.

She isn’t doing this to entertain the trees but to see the effect of her destructive power.

But the twirling of the woods mocks the strength of the violent wind. She can’t bear the chagrin that ensue within her.

At the point when the trees are almost beaten, the wind withdraws it’s attacking force when each attempt to break the trees seems to make them ‘stronger and stronger’.

As they watch the storm go, each tree utters, “That was close!” and practices deep breathing.

The trees know that the violent wind will be back. They are not afraid.

You have the power to conquer the storms. It’s within you… believe you do.

Have a blessed SundayπŸ’™.

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