Walking Through The Dark

Walking through the dark is hard for me but I need to walk through.

This step is crucial ‘cos my survival hinges on walking to the end.

From where I stand and can see others walk through the same–

Laughing and chatting as though the dark is nothing.

They are the kind I would choose to walk through this.

But each time I try to catch up with them, they disappear.

And I’m left alone to walk through even though I’m scared.

The only one willing to walk with me is too scared to take a step.

He’s scared of walking in the dark more than he is standing in it.

But he’s willing to walk with me alone to subdue his fears.

But I can’t walk with him now for I’m spooked by his fears.

I should be cos he appears strong yet more scared than I am.

I’ve tried walking with him but he kept hiding under my garment.

When I yanked my garment off him he grabbed my hand, shivering.

I let him to hook his shaking arm in mine like a groom would a bride.

But he kept jiggling around in fear, darting his eyes here and there.

By his jumpiness I were infected and did lose my tiny composure.

And did run back towards the start cos I couldn’t stand my fears.

That was when he ran after me like a terrified child

He stands beside me like a cat on hot bricks

Now that we are at the very beginning I’m scared of walking with him.

I’m scared of walking with him more than I’m scared of the dark.

I’ll never walk with him ‘cos his virility and light are vain.

I’d rather wait for the one who isn’t scared to walk with me.

Someone to hold my hand and make me feel I’m with somebody.

Both of our fears should be cast away by our blended tiny courage.

If this someone fails to come along, I’ll take the bold step alone.

Before it’s too late to walk to the end through the dark.

Dark night image by unsplash .com

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