She’s such a lovely hound

Chained to a stead

And locked in a cage

Should’ve been a house

It’s clear for whatever reason

She’s given no affection

There isn’t enough ground

To cage the poor hound

Perhaps she longs to be freed

More than she needs to be fed

For sure the savory meals

She quits for the flies

From my precious view

It’s too much to chew

I’m only down with fever

To mind now or never

If I grabbed my worthy harmer

To make the cage chatter

Canine could hit my flesh

Left to evaluate afresh

Master could wear a smile

As the hound wags it’s tail

I’d be left confused

While they bond

I don’t like seeing a dog caged

I have always hated seeing dogs caged all day.

It breaks my heart.

I like dogs be kept in dog houses where they can be able to walk around at will.

I like dogs to be well taken care of. I’m like a ‘dog police, ‘ I talk to the owner when I see things going wrong.

I don’t have any dog though.

And this is because over here you are required to cage your dog all day, except when it’s being walked.

I like dogs to be kept in a standard doghouse. Free to walk about and only retire when needed. Dogs should not be left always on their own. They should play and played with. They should be touched often. That’s the way they get affection and becomes less wicked.

Well, this is all about how I feel about my neighbour’s dog which is in a cage most of the time.

5 thoughts on “Caged”

  1. It must be so difficult to see your neighbor’s dog in a cage.
    I can tell how much you love dogs from this writing,
    We have a rescue dog, his name is Hank and he came to us all the way from Turkey.
    He was rescued from the forest and we are so happy to have him.


    1. It’s great you rescued Hank! All dogs deserve a good home and a fair treatment.
      My neighbours dog is well taken care of but hates the cage so bad. Oh my! It’s difficult for the dog. She seem not to be getting used to the cage for more than three months now. I feel emotional when I listen to her cry all day to be freed.


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