About Keeping Silent

When we meet with people, we talk. We talk to break the ice, to ease off tension, to clear the ‘strangers’ aura, build trust and establish a friendship. We talk to solve puzzles, give hope and cheer up.

When we should be talking, we don’t need to keep silent. At this point silence can be abhorrent.

Silence can make us feel uncomfortable.

Have you ever talked to someone and all he or she could do was look on. Have you noticed how you screwed your face and scratched your head? You probably felt so uncomfortable or offended.

When we talk to someone, we expect them to respond, either to support or oppose what we’ve said. We expect whomever we are talking to or with to open their mouths and say something no matter how stupid.

It’s only when they respond to our statements that we know which foot to put forward and which one to withdraw, where to step on and where to stop in our relationships and our dealings with him or her.

Silence can scare us

When we push people to the wall; step on their toes, treat them bad, we expect them to react verbally to show how they feel. Of course people react to negative impact and when they fail to say a word when deeply hurt, it becomes scary – so scary! No one knows the gravity of such silence. But sometimes this could be a better way to deal with this kind of situation; ‘keep call and scare them to death’

When someone batter other people, you don’t need to tell them to stop gossiping, you keep quiet to show them it’s not your kind of topic. They will never do it again around you. Your silence has saved a soul.

Silence can be harmful

When we see things go wrong, we are required to say something – to correct or provide solution. Someone is needed to say what should be done to set things right. When we keep quiet, the impact could hurt us or others.

Day after day, people see things happen to other people and keep silent. Someone should beat the fear of raising the dists and say what need be said.

As we grow older, we begin to cherish silence

As we grow older, we become wiser and more cautious with words. We speak less and listen more. We weigh the situation at hand before we speak. We speak only when we know it’s safe to talk about it. No wonder older people are slower to speak but when they speak, there is hardly harm in their words.

People can reference your words for or against you. So being careful with what you say matters.

Maintain short silence between words, sentences and ‘paragraphs’ of spoken words.

I like the way Obama talks

A brief silence in between senntences can help us weigh words, think deeply about them before speaking.

Learn to escape to be all by yourself, in silence

Sometimes I escape to a quiet place to be all by myself. I love doing this often but I find out that most people think it’s weird. In Africa, we are used to living a communal life. People shouldn’t pass time alone. They should be with others. You shouldn’t be all by yourself or people will come to rescue you if possible from the hands of loneliness.

So, I escape. I escape to a place where no one can find me. I think I contemplated, I pray. I re-discover myself.

Have you ever raised a stupid topic to keep a conversation rolling? 😄😄

I have and the person I was with, noticed it. Haha. Funny huh!

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