Wise Saying; Fools Rush In Where The Angels Fear to Tread

That which the cow sees and runs to safety is the same thing thing the fowl stops to peck at – Igbo proverb

We shouldn’t try to challenge that which is bigger or more powerful than us. However, I see fearlessness of the fowl in play here 😃.

The cow sees and runs away means the cow is afraid. Of course he has seen how enormous the challenge is and this instills fear and the fear pushes to action – run!

But the fearless fowl stands to peck at the same, at least to fight even though she knows her head would go with such fight. Now that’s….foolish.

Wisdom says that dying in the hands of what one can escape from is foolishness.

Fearlessness or cauragiousness is good but wisdom is needed to know when to run and when to face the challenge.

Whatever will eat up your head is not worth fighting against. Run to safety!

Stay Safe!

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