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I recieved twenty likes from one reader in so short a time on my blog, my thought goes wild as usual.

How could this be possible? 🤔.

If this had happened in the past, I would have whined, grumbled and coursed under my breath. But… I’ve changed. I’ve pulled off my last ever diaper and dumped my teated bottle in the dustbin. I now think with my hands in my pants pockets, not my hip.😄

Again, how could this be possible?🤔

Apart from clicking away without reading them, it could also mean that my reader reads in a flash. You know, like in a flash of a lightening.

It could be that my extraordinary generous reader expended more than thirty minutes of an expensive moment reading those posts. That’s remarkable and…..pleasing.

Best liker of the day, hopefully.

What if my reader just clicked on those likes without actually reading the posts? Like, open the post, scroll to the bottom without reading and…..like?

The saying goes that the frog does not run in broad daylight for nothing. What could be the target of the liker when he or she likes without reading?

It could be to register strong online presence to get noticed. Does this really work for them?

Talking of seeking for notice, It’s quite an undeserved honorary from someone, anyone. Really. It makes me feel like a popular celebrity, you know. Does this mean I’m happy with the whole liking without reading thing. I hope so. 😁😁

Maturity could also mean you give unrealistic positive viewpoint to everything – anything at all.

Nevertheless, to be fair, there are fast readers!

There are fast readers out there folks! Just one glance and everything is read.

One of my friends can read that fast.

Both of us would pick a book this moment. I would watch her from the corner of my eyes flipping pages while I’m still trying to start reading my first page.

I did tap her shoulder and asked, “Are you reading those pages?” She did answer, “Yes! Why? Haha, you think am just flipping without reading? Think again!”

I had once tried to read as fast as she could but ended up meddling with my cognition.

We are all different when it comes to reading ! We are different in every way. One person could read a five-hundred-word write-up in sixty seconds while someone else could read the same in a six to ten seconds and yet another in a glance.

You might feel like going to return those likes to show appreciation or…. revenge. Throw the revenge away. We are all matured here. Anyway, If you can’t read as fast as them, do not go to their blog and do the same. Visit their blogs and engage with one or more posts. Show the way. Shine your light.

Apart from a photo blog or petty short posts, I find it hard to return so many in one sitting. For me it’s unrealistic. I would either read two or three of your posts at a time and visit later for more. There’s always something to learn from all the posts.I come across.

I’m truly thankful for that glance cast on my post, I see admiration in it – a part of being matured you may say but, I’m thankful. Truly I am. ❤

What’s on your mind? If it’s related to this post, leave a comment.

Have a blessed Sunday!❤

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  1. I think almost everyone as experienced this. I newly just started blogging and there was a particular blogger who liked my post and all my comments which was funny, cause I asked myself, did she really take her time to read all the comments? Or she was just trying to get my attention? Well I had no answer to that either ways. I like comments I feel I can relate to and like the post after reading if it’s something I enjoy, then I comment. But sometimes I don’t comment, I just like the post. But I noticed some bloggers love engaging themselves in conversation so I started dropping my honest opinion in the comment section. So the blogger won’t think I just liked and didn’t read it.


    1. These bloggers are seeking for online presence. If look at it in a way, you won’t blame them much. Getting followers isn’t that easy. They want to grab your attention and get you to visit…and follow. They want to be followed becausee once you follow them, they stop the clicking thing and start reading.
      I must add that the most valuable thing to confirm post egagegement is leaving a meaningful comment.

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      1. You are right and I totally agree with you. Everyone wants the followers but only few are willing to read the post and let it impact their lives. I mean if everyone was to just like every post and not read will there be any need for a blog? But at least we have some people who take our time to read our every post and drop a sensible comment. There’s this particular girl who requested that I followed her and even liked her post. This request was made under the comment section of my post. Mind you she didn’t even read the post neither did she even like it. Well I helped her out cause I felt her desperation. I am sure some other people will read and drop a comment on my post.


        1. To be honest, I don’t just follow any blog. I follow blogs that are in my line of blog interest or that have a few posts that interest me. I visit some blogs that I don’t follow though when I get a visit or like from any of those blogs even without following. So, no matter the level of desperation in the blogger, I am not moved to follow until Ifind a few posts that interest me.

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          1. Well I don’t think people should just follow any blogger. It must be something you are definitely interested in. Well I follow blogs that are inline with what I want to read or see. And that’s it for me

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  2. Yup. I’ve had many cases where I received 10, 15, 20 or more likes in the span of 1 or 2 minutes. I realized that they were clickers, not likers. I did visit the blog, but stuck to only liking what I read. It takes all kinds I guess.

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  3. I love this post. It resonated well with me. I had the same experience earlier this week. About 10 likes from same person and 5 from another. I was wondering if they read all those posts or were just liking for liking sake. But then when WordPress sent me congratulations for receiving 100 overall likes on my blog I would be dishonest if I said I didn’t like that! I take the same approach as you though, I must like only what I have read first and it can be well true that there are some really fast blog readers here, who knows! But know this, I’m following your blog now so please follow mine too!

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    1. Thanks for the follow, I’ll follow you ‘suit’. One cannot underestimate the capacity of a fast reader😃 That’s why I visit their blogs sometimes to read one or two of their posts. I do ignore most of them that are clearly phoney – fake likes.. We all write to be read. Anyways, it’s a beautiful evening over here. Hope you’re having a great day. Thanks a lot for stopping by and for sharing your experience with us.

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  4. 😁I thought I was the only one who experience this but alas… To be honest, that practice used to tick me off but just like you, I got used to it and stopped getting pissed about it. While it’s true that there are really super fast readers out there, I doubt someone will be able to read through an average of 10 posts (of an average of 500 words each) even in the spate of 5 minutes.
    I ask myself why folks do that often. I think your submission on the matter have addressed that.
    I think people should be real with themselves. When I like a post, it means I must have read at least 70% of the content. I’ll rather read a couple of posts from a blog and make reasonable comments than ‘binge like’ posts I never read.

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    1. You made a good point. The solution is to be real and true to oneself. Fake likes are totally useless. These days I find it hard to rank my posts based on number of likes. Thanks a lot Ayan.

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  5. Even I have come across to such instant likes on all the posts.
    It most probably means that few people just scroll the post.. And leave a like.
    But I like those likes which have been genuinely given and not generously given.

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    1. Me too. I prefer to see a like or two from someone who got the point of my post. Liking a post without reading is like signing or endorsing a piece of document without finding out what it’s all about. It’s not a must that the person reads the whole thing but at least, the person should get the point of the post to make sure that the like is worth it.😃 Thank you so much for leaving a comment.

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  6. Well I used to do something. I read most of a bloggers post and them like all the ones I enjoyed at a time. But in order not to be seen as an attention seeker, I tend to add a very detailed and honest comment on some of the posts so that the blogger knows I actually read the posts and wasn’t just liking for liking sake.

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    1. Yeah! I understand. It’s possible to read many posts and then go back to like all of them at once, but the thing is that the blog owner will always view those likes as fake.
      As a writer, who use time wisely, the last thing you would expect from a follower writer is to sit down and read twenty of your posts when they have many other posts of other fellow bloggers to read.. So the blog owner would think it’s not possible. 1 to 6 is possible,, not up to twenty. Again if it’s photo blog or photography, you can like many in a short time because there are no long texts that accompany them.
      Thank you, Joel for sharing your experience.

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      1. You are absolutely right. If someone likes like 20 of your posts at once most likely the person is trying to get your attention and truthfully didn’t even read the post.

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  7. Florence, last week I had someone do a like on all my posts within less than a minute. Granted I have only done 10 posts so far but I doubt very much that person read my poems!
    I just chuckled!
    I assure you that I always read your posts before I do a like. 🙂

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    1. You could have gotten more likes from that person within those fleeting seconds if you had more posts!😃 There were times I found such likes annoying but now like you, I chuckle. I show them some love though. I appreciate the flash glance by visiting them and reading their posts. They’re probably bloggers desperate for strong online presence. Things don’t work like that around here. Thank you so much, Margie!

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      1. I so agree with you, Florence!
        Since I have been on WordPress, I have met some very nice people and I truly do enjoy my visits to their blogs but their are some bloggers that I question their sincerity!
        My best to you, always! ❤

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        1. Thank you so much! You engage with my posts. I can testify to that. Your comments show you read through to the end. So even when you don’t comment and like, I am rest assured that Im.not getting a fake like. We can’t always comment you know, due to lack of time but when we do, we should give a meaningful comment to be able to build that trust. Thanks a lot for engaging with my posts. I appreciate it.

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          1. Again, it happened!
            A blogger came by and did a like on all my posts at exactly 9:16 am.
            Very doubtful if they did any reading. LOL
            Do they not know when they do all this liking, we know that they did not do much reading!
            If they only did a like on one post, I would think that they might have read it.
            Just thought I would share that with you as you might find it amusing, frankly I was more annoyed than amused this morning, maybe that is because I am having a bad morning.
            Oh well, such is life!

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            1. 😀😀😀😀😀
              Lol. It’s funny because it happened to me again too a day after I did ‘About Post Likers’ post. More than ten likes came non-stop before my very glance. Including the post itself.
              Truly, it can be annoying, Margie. If only there was a way someone could block such… Nothing to do but ignore.

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