The Past In The Closet

She walked into the lovely flower garden blooming in a spring early morning sun. She didn’t know when she reached there but she saw herself in the nucleus of paradise!

She spun around in confusion and glared at the vast area of gorgeous blooms extending to the horizon on every side.

Spectacular petals of different colours! This must be a rainbow garden!

She gently bent a red rose towards her, closed her eyes and breathed in the relaxingscent. As if that was a trigger, she began a random dance, touching the flowers joyfully as she twirled her lovely body.

She couldn’t control the unusual exhilaration that seized her entire being as a cool morning breeze swept across her contour.

This is paradise! I could stay here forever!

Her eyes opened and a beautiful smile played on her face as she saw them! Lots of beautifully coloured butterflies gracefully idled on each flower as if they’re part of the ornamental plants.

Magical! How did you all creep into my world?

She went closer to a butterfly with the largest most beautiful wings she had ever seen. It flapped its wings and flew away urging her to follow. She watched as it joined another butterfly on another flower. But the butterfly left that flower and flew away.

Why not stay with her? Why do you have to go away now, when she needs you most?

Her face went sad and she fought to keep her tears back.

No, I can’t allow you ruin my beautiful day.

She had returned to her dance when a sudden burst of wind pulled her bandanna off her shoulder. Her hair spun as she turned to catch it. It slipt away and flew farther from her reach. She hastened after it, her armed stretched towards it. Her flowy ivory gown swept the morning dew along.

A charming young man was at the distance smiling at her. Perhaps he was amused by her desperation. He extended his hand in the air and rescued her bandanna, nursed it in both hands tenderly as a short-lived sorrow whisked across his face. He held it and looked at it for a while before letting go.

No. Help me get it. It’s all I’ve got. That’s the only physical evidence of his undying love. Don’t let it fly away! Please. Please! Help me get it.

That’s a illusion. Let it go, Amanda!

Her eyes bulged as she saw him. His skin was spotless and everywhere around him glowed. He had the most angelic infectious smile. At first she thought she had seen an Angel. But when he called her name, her heart stopped and then raced..

She strode towards him and then ran with all her might. But he was like an illusion because no matter how fast she ran, she couldn’t reach him.

Then she saw them flew past her and blocked her view of him – thousands of butterflies formed a thick wall between them; a wall she couldn’t reach neither. When she got tired of the illusion before her, she stopped running, doubled and panted.

Then she began to cry, begging him to come break the barrier, come over and take her with him. She was ready to leave everything she owned to follow hm. With him her whole life was complete.

She might have gone weak from crying for she lay in the garden in silence calling his name at interval.

‘Amanda! Amanda! Amanda!’

She started, too weak to stand.

She might have heard him calling from the other side of the butterfly wall, but why had his voice lost its glamour.

She sensed he broke the butterfly wall and found his way to her side. She smiled and opened her eyes to behold the most handsome face she had ever seen.

‘Amanda! Amanda!’

There was terror in her eyes as she saw him. Her eyes searched his frame and she pushed him away.

‘What have you done to him? You wicked man. Where is my love.’

‘Amanda stop. Let the dream go.’

She looked around and saw were she was. She was in a bed! In a room! With her husband.

‘No! Not again! I’m so sorry.’

You should be able to separate your dream world from the actual world or I take you for exorcism Amanda.

When he slept off, he sneaked into her closet and opened her secret chest. She felt the soft lavender bandanna on her rosy cheek, kissed his photo and locked the chest.

But that night she cried on her husband’s shoulder as thirty years secret fondness burnt to ashes.

For the first time in forty years, she watched her past burn in the fire. She bade her past bye and embraced her gray haired man who had loved her all these while.

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