Do Not Let Your Non-published Status Get You Down | K.M Weiland

Writing is more of the journey than the destination. As wonderful as publication is, it isn’t the point of the writing process. It’s just a stop along the road.

As award-winning author Anne Lamott points out, “Being published isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Writing is.”

So don’t let your non-published status get you down. Just enjoy where you are right now.

K.M Weiland – Author, Writing Coach

“I am not published.”

And so what?

Enjoy where you are now. Be proud of the writer you have become. We are are on this endless road. Everyone keeps moving, published or not published, keep moving. Enjoy the journey.

13 thoughts on “Do Not Let Your Non-published Status Get You Down | K.M Weiland”

    1. I think your posts make up many inspirational books. It’s true.
      I’ve read that title severally and have failed to notice that typo until you pointed it out? Hahaha! That’s one of those things. You know what they say, two eyes are better than one. Thanks a lot.

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  1. This is motivating. Many have completely given up on writing because they couldn’t get ‘that work’ published. They see that inability as a sign that they weren’t made for writing. They simply forget that writing is the end in itself. Publishing is great but not the highpoint.

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    1. So true. Imagine someone’s manuscript rejected many times by publishers. The next thing as you have rightly said is to sit and wonder if writing is really the thing for him or her. Thank you so much, Ayan for the insight.


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