About Wearing Masks

I wore my mask all through yesterday outdoor and to be honest, it wasn’t funny. I felt like a dog with anti-bite muzzle and looked at everyone wearing theirs the same way. Funny enough, I spoke with my mum this morning and she said they all looked like muzzled dogs around the neighbourhood.

Could this be the reason why people wear their masks under their chins? It probably is.

People want to look normal…and good and wearing masks kill that dream.

But what about the simple fact that life at the moment insn’t normal? We don’t have normal life now. For us, masks are like life jacket at high sea.

Different ways people wear their masks these days;

Under the chin

Over the jaw

Over the mouth alone

Over the nose alone

On the forehead

Around the neck

In the hand

In the purse.

I went to Mass this morning and the officiating Priest pointed this out. At that time, mine was just over my mouth. I excused my nose since we sat a meter away from each other. But why would I cover my mouth to protect others and expose my nose to the danger?

The priest’s admonision came hard on those wearing their masks the wrong way and said he would not tolerate such next Sunday.

“These masks are not for decorating your chins and necks. They should be over your nose and mouth whenever you are outside your home. And please do not pull off your mask until you’re back home again. Wear your mask the right way. It’s for your safety and the safety of the others those you meet along the way. Its wrong for friends to pull of their masks to chat and laugh. Maintain social distancing, Thank you.” People listened and we all hoped to change.

After the Mass, I noticed some have pulled off their masks and were enjoying their normal life. Which normal life?

Our lives are not back to normal even though the lockdown are being lifted. We are far from pulling off our masks outdoor and in social setting.

We are far from going without washing our hands frequently.

We are far from shaking hands, from French kisses and hugging.

So our lives are not back to normal yet. We should know this and keep to the rules.

Stay safe

Have a blessed Sunday❤

How about your location? How serious are people about wearing their masks?

30 thoughts on “About Wearing Masks”

  1. I too live in North Carolina. Charlotte is a busy city with a lot of young people and none of them seem to care about COVID-19. No masks, gloves or social distancing and cases and deaths are on the rise. My husband and I don’t leave the house much but we always wear a mask and gloves when we do. I’ve heard there are some who have legitimate reasons for not wearing masks (breathing issues, etc.) and many have gone back and forth about the science. I’m no scientist, Doctor or epidemiologist all I know is the the CDC is full of experts and I trust their recommendations. That accompanied with common sense and basic principles of cleanliness has served me well. When I look at other countries that are doing what the CDC recommends their cases and death rates have decreased. In the US we don’t listen and our cases are going up. To me the correlation is clear.
    Proverbs 22:3 says, “The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself,But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences.”


    1. It’s really sad. What will one expect when the anti-mask protesters are all over the town saying they can’t breathe with a mask. They are making things worse by discouraging people. I’m glad you and hubby year yours. Please maintain your good distance from the none mask wearers. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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