Blind Dark Shadow

Blind dark shadow

strikes furthermore

pulling a vital soul

off the vigour tree

lush victim shrieks

mother nature moans

the birds drift away

goosebumps everywhere

clouds drip afresh

the widow mourns her child

Is there no heart

within the crooked smile

of a stained teeth

loitering around

the widow to eat?

5 thoughts on “Blind Dark Shadow”

      1. But to think of it, I know how it feels. Death is cruel and I in as much as so many of us pray not to die. Death is inevitable so the prayer should be. Let’s leave our footprint on this earth so our legacy can still live on even when we are gone.


        1. Such an insightful comment. You’re right. It doesn’t matter how and when, we should live the best life we can to make a positive impact in the lives of others. We shall be remembered for our good works.

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