Keep The Posts Coming!

It took me more than three hours to prepare this delicious fulfilling meal that everyone ate and liked.

They all raised thumbs of praise for such meal wishing I made such often.

My problem is, they finished this meal that took hours to prepare in just a few minutes. What more? They went hungry again before I could recover from the rigour of the cooking.

You know what? I didn’t feel like cooking anymore. In fact, I’d like to take a break from cooking for a long long time. How’s that?

I actually wished they all never went hungry again, maybe for the rest of their lives.

I meant it.

I wished one meal could suffice. It’s unrealistic and stupid but I wished so.

Just like I wish that one post here could draw millions of committed viewers every day until forever.

Just one post that could keep people from all over the world stopping by every day. Only one post with my hands folded across my chest and my legs crossed on my centre table watching as my site turn into most visited overnight for the rest of the days.

What could that one post be? Magical?

I wish it worked that way.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Truly.

Here comes reality!

I understand how tiring daily posts can be but it works well to draw more visitors seeking for what you have to offer.

Weekly posts work too as long as you keep it constant but not as daily or multiple times a week.

Posting after months or a year interval is not good for SEO except of course you have other reasons other than getting people to visit often.

I recall when I stopped posting because I was busy at work. I didn’t post for four months. The day I looked at my stat, I was dumbfounded. Where were those committed readers? It was a blatant fall by nearly a hundred per cent. I lost my religious visitors and when I posted again, the old viewers were nowhere to be found. They didn’t come back. Few new viewers came through. It was merciless.

The best way to starve and die is to stop eating. The best way to kill years of hard work is to stop working. And the best way to smother a blogging website is to stop posting blogs.

So If I really want to keep my blog site alive, I must update often with new quality contents or even useless but entertaining stuff sometimes( I have read some useless stupid stuff on the Internet many times and had really read them to the end before realising how stupid I had been to have read it. I finished them because they were entertaining even though not relevant).

The thought that my useful posts could solve a problem of one viewer out there and the useless stuff entertain someone somewhere can be fulfilling.

It’s worth it in the end. So I keep it up to date.

Photo message. Keep the tap running. Never turn it off. Someone is always in need of the water that flows. Keep posting. Keep working.

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