The Writing Craft

Years ago, when my elementary school teacher asked us girls, to weave a local basket, we didn’t know where to start. Basket weaving at the time was strictly for boys. As a result, girls didn’t learn the craft. To be able to nail making the basket, we needed to learn the basics which meant going to the boys to seek help and sticking by them in case we got confused along the line.

Like basket weaving, writing requires that you master the craft. You need to lay hands on those elements that make stories readable. You should dig dip into elements like plot, characterisation, dialogue, dramatic structure and points of view. You already know that authors use some literary device to grace their works and make them even more unique and interesting. As a writer, you need to master the literary device/elements to improve.

You will find out that writing a story is easy but writing a story well requires that you know what it takes to write a story in an interesting way.

Although you don’t have to master the craft to put down words on the blank sheet, you definitely need it to get good at making those words interesting and easy to read. You need the craft to capture the interest of the readers and to attract the attention of traditional publisher.

– Read good books on writing craft.*Do not dismiss historical stories – most of them are well crafted*

– Write daily focusing on improving your skill. Practice daily writing. *Practice, practice, practice.*

-Take lessons/attend conferences. *make friends with good, experienced writers*.

– Get a critique who will read your story and point out your mistakes.
*A good critique will point out both your strength and your mistakes*

Happy Writing!

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