Mute voices

Mute voices struggle in a bottle

where the victims of utterance,

cast ruins into the mind.

Mute voices fight for audience

but faithfulness go astray

The voices glide into the desert.

Sincerity gets trapped

in an arid land.

Busted voices hit the bedrock,

and are spilled into the dept;

buried, forever mute.

8 thoughts on “Mute voices”

  1. Hi Florence, my Nigerian sister

    For a crime to continue unpunished and for an opportunity to be missed, see nothing, hear nothing and do nothing.

    Abdifatah, brother from Somalia

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    1. Hello Abdifath!
      That gives a great insight brother, considering the reverse of your comment. We need people whose voices cannot be muted by fear of the unknown to keep talking. There are lots of truths to talk about. Unfortunately we all dread that part for the same reason. We fear for our lives: this gives us the bottle to keep our voices from being heard.
      Thank you for leaving such a comment. It’s thought provoking.


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