Sunday Inspiration | Courage

You remember that day you waited for a phone call? Your desire for that call nearly busted your blood vessels. At that moment, every other call annoyed you, to the extent that you could block them. Those other calls should not stand in the way of that one call.

You remember how you didn’t want anything else but that call? That very moment, deep down, you knew the phone worth more than a million dollar. At that moment, the entire world should as well vanish and leave you and the phone set all alone.

Hours after hours you waited.

It’s funny how when the call finally came, you rushed to it in that second lest the call cut before you answered it.

Assuming the call didn’t come and never ever did and you discovered that you have lost that one person who meant the whole world to you, how would you have felt?

Miserable right? Awfully miserable. You would have felt the hopelessness of life.

But given the time, you would have picked your chartered pieces and moved on with your life. Most people have gone through worse situations and have made it alive.

The best feeling happens when someone comes along who would not keep you waiting for calls. Someone who would never let you out of sight. Someone who would have cared just as much as you did.for him or her.

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