The Passage

A voice shrieked twice in the thick darkness and went dead.

A familiar fear rolled in everything that breathed.

Generations had come and gone and no one could put an end to the mysterious evil passage.

People were snatched from their homes mysteriously and lost forever.

“No one dares to challenge the unseen,” they said. “No one can fight a spirit,” and so people kept dying.

But one day, a brave man dared into the dark beating his chest.

‘Enough is enough! We shall die no more!’

A second shriek quenched his lamp but he was too bold and determined to be scared.

The brave man felt a hand grip his neck. He was determined to fight but his strength was no match. He struck and hit but there was no impact.

He felt another hand around his middle and the squeeze was enourmous.

He dropped his sword and then his word; ‘Whatever you are, my blood will fight you for all the ages to come. I will die, but you will not kill my people anymore!’

Morning came and people mourned.

Month after month, generation after generation, the people didn’t see the evil passage. It’s gone with the brave man’s breath.

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