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Mexicans are interesting people with interesting culture. Here are the three things that interest me about mexico.


This hat is spectacular and looks even more gorgeous on the head of mariachi music group. It is straight from Mexico and is called sombrero, pronounced in Spanish as (som’brero) meaninghat‘ or ‘shadower‘.

Sombrero is a hat with an extra wide brim and pointy crown. You will see it slightly upturned at the edge. A chin strap is used to hold it in place.

Music – Mariachi

Image source: liveabout

Overall, Mexican music is interesting.

I love the rich, relaxing and romantic mariachi music. I could listen to it all day. Although, I’ve only watched it in the movies…


National language is Spanish and the first language of a over 90% of Mexican population is Spanish. The sound of Spanish is great to my hearing.

I deeply love the Spanish English accent too. I could listen to it all day just like I could the mariachi music.


I found these interesting facts about Mexico. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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