His Used Toy

She cried all night. To make matters worse, her mother blamed her for being so foolish.

‘I foresaw this day. I’ve been warning you from the onset that he is not a good man. I told you to stay away from him. But you wouldn’t hear since the death which will eventually kill a puppy does not allow it to perceive the stench of an excreta,’ Agatha raised her head to look at her mother. She made some sense but how could she have known that he was a wolve in a sheep’s clothing?

How could I have known that he would dump me after twenty years during which I enjoyed a true love?’

‘True love?’ Her mother laughed. ‘Did I hear you mention true love? Think girl! Think! He never loved you. You were only a toy to play with and time has taken you to the refuse dump. Here you are, back to ‘square one’

‘He did this to me, he will never find peace,’

‘ No. He will find peace. Tell me Agatha, which girl with a good sense, waits on an aimless man, in an aimless relationship? Tell me?’

As if she got overpowered by her mother’s words, Agatha got up, walked to the middle of the compound and knelt down. She raised her right hand to the sky and laid a curse on him. ‘Jeffrey Osondu, as long as there is night and day, light and darkness, you will never get married to another girl except me!.’ Her mother shook her head in disbelief.

‘How do you think your course will work on him when he didn’t promise you a lifelong commitment. Did he ask you to marry him? No’

‘No?’ She thought. It is true. He had not asked her to marry him. She had never thought about it. He was only too good to be true.

She went limp and calm. Her mother picked her up, cleaned her tears and told her to forget about him. ‘The right man is around the corner.’

Agatha got married a year later and up till now, she still wondered why her curse on him had failed to work after all he did to her. Her mother was right.

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