When Things Don’t Go As Planned And I’m Frustrated…

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We all have goals. These goals are important to us. Sometimes we put in so much to achieve them and sometimes things fail to work as planned. It’s human to get discouraged as a result while a whole lot of things get attacked- our confidence, happiness, will, zeal and so on. Gradually we might become hopless and frustrated.

Frustration leads to irritation and sometimes to intense anger when the irritation gets out of control. This anger sometimes is transferred to our surrounding – people and things get attacked somehow.

Frustration can be lethal. Apart from the minor day to day frustrations that make us punch and kick things on our way and talk harshly to people and things around us, there is also a kind that makes us hopeless, want to give up on life or destroy valuable things in violent anger.

It’s hard to figure out it’s frustration at first. It’s always that this person has done this and that person has done that to annoy or irritate us. But if one could look deep, one finds out that the negative emotions are induced by frustration. It could be that the annoyance or frustration is work or business-based like failed project, finantial loss, lost contract, valuable customer loss, failed relationships like breakups, divorce and so on.

Once you realise it’s frustration eating you up, and you know the trigger, you could apply measures to manage it;

You could take action to change the situation if the situation can be changed and accept the situation once you can’t do anything about it.

Find means to distract your mind from focusing on the trigger

We should not ignore our frustrations thinking it will stop by itself. We should take action to manage it and keep it under control.

We could decide to share how we feel with someone close to us.

Three Things I do When I get frustrated

I talk about it with my big sister

I cry on her shoulder and she dabs my eyes with the end of her wrapper while wispering kind consoling words. At the end we both smile at my stupid emotion.

Both of us plan on what action to take to eliminate the trigger.

We would like to know how you manage your own frustration. Please share with us. You could help someone stay safe.

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28 thoughts on “When Things Don’t Go As Planned And I’m Frustrated…”

        1. It’s hard sometimes. When I see myself crying for no reason, I know that nature is taking my frustration away. Afterwards, I feel calm and peaceful. This doesn’t work for everyone because it’s natural to me.


  1. Wonderful post, Florence!
    It made me so happy for you that go to your big sister and you talk about what is bothering you, she is a blessing!
    You know something I still talk to my sister Terri so often when I am sad or life is just too much to bear and I know she is listening and that gives me comfort.
    I think of her as my guardian angel ~

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  2. I’m not sure exactly why but this web site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.


  3. “We should not ignore our frustrations thinking it will stop by itself. We should take action to manage it and keep it under control.”

    People need to understanding this and act on it. Some things require that we address the root cause rather than wishing/hoping things away.

    I think identifying the bane is the crux of the matter for many. Frustration can be likened to an ailment. It manifests withs divers symptoms. The same way the ailing fellow goes to the clinic to diagnose the problem, folks need to reach inwards, acknowledge that they are frustrated and address it holistically.

    Brilliant piece this.

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    1. You said it all. “Identifying the bane is the crux of the matter” It’s funny how some folks act in their frustration against other folks thinking they’re the cause of their annoyance. I remember how one man after a bad market went home to his wife and kids with fury. He would start shouting from the gate at everyone without any just cause. If he was able to identify he’s frustrated because of a bad market, he would have understood that his family was not the cause of his fury but the frustration.
      Thank you so much for your contribution.πŸ€—πŸ™‚

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  4. Florence, this is an excellent post. We all need to be aware of frustration, and how it leads to irritation and then anger.
    The area of Emotional Intelligence is still in its infancy, but it is growing. We can all increase our Emotional Intelligence ( being aware of our own emotions and those of others). And we need to teach children how to recognize, tolerate, and manage their emotions.
    I write, when I am frustrated, in my big blue frustration book. I use a pen that writes smoothly. Then I put the book away, in a hidden spot. I usually re-read some of the things I wrote about. Some seem funny, when I read them again, and other entries remind me what I can do to ease chronic frustration in some areas. πŸ€—

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    1. Thank you, Sally. You have a good point here. Emotional intelligence is very important for human existence and coexistence. Children need it more than anyone else because at their level, it’s not easy to control their emotions.
      Writing is a good way if not the reasonable way to get negative emotions down. Thank you once more for your contributions.πŸ€—πŸ’–

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