Before The Creator

Sarah Pinkton is my daughter’s creation.

She has been working on her for the past few days now,

thanks to lockdown.


this morning she told me she had–

finished everything about Sarah and-

I was so excited to see her.

First she told me that Sarah was

a beautiful eight-year-old girl,

with golden eyes and dark brown hair.

She’s always happy–

I waited as she brought her.

“Mummy, I bring to you —-

Sarah Pinkton!!!!”

I beheld Sarah,

there on Hp Solo Paint.

Comic By callista

It was shock at first,

Then laugher.

And more laughter.

I laughed at Sarah’s mouth area,

and at then at her ears.

‘Why are you laughing mummy?’

“You made her look so ugly.

It’s not fair. Her smile

is sooooo bad!’

I said.

‘Oh, that. Sarah is from Smilesville,’

she said.

At that instance, I got why her teeth

occupied half of her face,

and why her mouth area looked like a map. πŸ€”πŸ€”

“Sarah Pinkton is a very happy girl.” she smiled.

“Is she? Are you Sure?”

‘I guess she is. She is smiling.’

It dawned on me.

Sarah is a Smilesvillen girl.

Before the Creator

the creature is


Before the creator

The word ugly

Is a myth.

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  1. Aww she did a great job. It was so funny your response to your daughter. Kids are so precious and innocent. They see the good in what we consider bad and ugly. Indeed, God created all things beautiful in His image. Thank you for sharing 😊


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