Inspired Sunday #5

During verbal brawls, youngsters are likely to use name calling as a valuable weapon. These names are like bullets shot out to harm an opponent. The more horrible they are, the more effective they could be.

It’s no surprise to see an adults use name-calling to taunt, shame or bring an opponent down.

People hardly feel bad when they are taunted with a name they look nothing like; names like, reeking old skunk, horrible omen, midnight monster, hellish owl…..

They don’t bother because they know that the names are only meant to make them feel bad and except they are like youngsters or are emotional wrecks, their peace won’t be undermined.

It’s a different story when someone being referred to well reflects the names in their looks or character. They are pushed to react violently or sob because they’re pained to the marrows.

That’s when you see them want to throw hands, say something so demeaning in retaliation or keep malice.

What’s the point of this post?

Today I heard someone call another, “you bag of fungi”. It wasn’t out of joke, I tell you.

All who heard it chuckled but I couldn’t stop thinking about those words and the victim.

The victim looked sick you know.

What if he was actually sick? 

We can’t really get rid of name-callers and name-calling but we can work within ourselves o suppress those bad names we would like to call others especially in retaliation.

Have a great week ahead!🧡

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    1. You’re right. Words are powerful. We should be careful about the way we use them. It takes discipline and self-control for someone to return insult for insult. Thank you so much for leaving a comment.

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