Jame’s lips veered against his cheeks as he saw the small crowd gathered at the entrance of the court to congratulate him. His face shown to reveal his gratification.

What followed was a boisterous, ecstatic cheer that made his eyes moist. They loved him more than he thought.

After six months of weekly court hearings, he had won the case against his rival, Samson.

His exuberance scorned the empathy he felt as he watched Samson descend the court steps with head cast down. He glanced at his slumped shoulders as he lowered himself into his car and drove off- forever beaten.

“We are happy for you, Sir!”

“Congratulations Sir, “

“Thank you all! Thank you all! I couldn’t have made it without your backup.  I can never thank you enough.” His smiled amidst another defeaning cheer.

“Please, do not go home. I want all of you to proceed to my house for a heavy refreshment. There are lots of food and drinks. Join me! Let’s celebrate this divine victory!”

They cheered non-stop as James got into his car and flapped his fingers continuously at them. They kept their moral high until his car disappeared from sight.

As they hit the road, James recounted to his driver how he used up his major savings to develop the street.

But when he heard the public announcement made by the local government council on their street naming, it dawned on him that Samson had done his homework well.

James said he had to write a letter of protest, objecting to the street name under process.

If things should be done the right way, he was the first to move to the area in question and was the one to develop the street with good roads and working drainage. If the street should be named after a living person, it should be him.

“It only came as a surprise to me when I was summoned by court. ” They continued in silence.

At last!” James sighed after a while.

“It’s over Sir, ” his driver affirmed.

“Samson was only a wealthy  square box forcing himself into a round hole he inferred as gullible. The street will be named after me after all.”

“That’s right, Sir!” They giggled like two old friends. His driver enjoyed the rare privilege. 

“What will be on the street street signpost, again?”

”  OKON’S STREET and not  IKEM’S STREET, Sir.”

They both giggled again until James began to cough non-stop.


Back at James Okon’s residence, people were huddled together talking in low voices. Men flipped their fingers out of panic, women wore depressed looks.

James began to cough as they drove home from court same day. Before his driver could make it to the regency unit, he had collapsed in his car.

When the doctor declared his boss dead, he panicked. How could it be? How could it be? He was there with him, talking and laughing….

“No! This can’t be true! Please doctor check again. Please.”

“He’s gone, ” the doctor patted his shoulders. The life you see is nothing but a passing shadow.” The doctor left him staring at his back in shock with his hands folded across his chest and his shoulders slightly snuggled to his jawline.

It’s a pity his boss didn’t get to see his name on the street when the signpost was finally put in place.

The bad news shook the town. People talked. Some scolded him.

“But why did he allow a fight over a trifle to rip off his head?

Others saw his rival as his murderer.

“Samson has deleted James, he has forgotten that every knife must pass through a blacksmith.”

But a drunk at his funeral knew for sure what killed James.

“You all know what killed James Okon! Why don’t you go ahead and say it!”

“What killed him?” A mischievous teenager asked him.

“Death! Death is what killed James.”

A question lingered in the hearts of the bereaved long after James was gone! Could he be alive if he didn’t get involved in the street case?

© Florence Ezekafor

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12 thoughts on “Rivalry”

  1. Some delicate hearts can not handle too much excitement. Okon probably thought the odds were against him. He thought he would lose but he won.

    It took the court 24 sessions to deliver judgment. That was enough to make him Panic.

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    1. Insightful comment. You made a good point there. Thanks a lot, Ngozi. I join you to infer that he didn’t have the stability to withstand a sudden and shocking outcome.
      It’s sad how people now stress themselves over such things as negligible as street naming. I think that if James Okon didn’t get involved in the case, he would be alive by now.

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  2. This is an amazing short story.
    Does it mean the court case was to decide whether it’ll be Samson or James whose name ends up on the street signpost? If so then I think for the question at the end I’d answer no. Death surprises as, this is one of such instances.
    “Death! Death is what killed James.”~ thought provoking line.
    Loved the story 💚

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    1. That’s an amazing answer. Thanks for the question, it pointed out a gap. In the story, the local government council was to decide, whose name would go to the street. But it happened that James moved into the street first and took it upon himself to develop it before other landowners moved in including Samson. James was not hoping that the street would be named after a living person, so he didn’t bother to go through the registration process. Samson got registered and the process before naming required public announcement in case if there’s any objection. The announcement was done in the street and everyone was not happy about it. It should be James and not him! A protest letter was written and the naming process was halted. James, we were summoned in court. The court decided in favour of James. On his way home from court, he died.
      What do you think that killed him? Natural cause? No one knows. We still say it’s death. As you said, death is full of surprises. It can take someone any time.
      Thanks a lot for taking the time to write this comment. I appreciate it. I tried covering the gap.

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      1. Ohhh okayyy, I get the whole story now. I understand the conflict between the two men know. Thanks for the elaborate reply.
        I’m on Samson’s side though… just saying

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          1. I get why James would think the street should be named after him automatically. But for me the very fact that he didn’t ‘bother’ to undergo the registration and then decides to go to court after, realising that he has a competitor is why I support James. The court even took as long as ’24’ sessions to give him that privilege. He should’ve been more serious in going after his signpost aim🙄

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            1. I totally agree with you. If we really want something, we should go for it at once. We shouldn’t wipe out the possibility of someone else having interest in the same thing. I only have pity on James since he developed the street. If I were Samson, I wouldn’t drag it with him. That’s the only compensation for selflessly making the street comfortable for the residents.

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