Inspired Sunday #6

So this young man walked up to me and offered me a neatly packed face mask. I looked at him and was like, “they’ve come again.”

Here, vendors do persuade or even put pressure on passers-by to buy extra face masks from them and I was not going to fall for that. Not when I have five masks in my possession.

“I already have, as you can see. Thank you!” I said nicely and walked on.

I didn’t wait to hear him out. I know a die-hard marketer when I see one. First thing he or she does is give you a disarming smile and then apply a candy and chocolate coated tongue.

If I walked away as quick as I could, I would be escaping unnecessary spending. I was about to walk away when I heard what sounded too good to be true.

“I’m not selling them, ma’am. They are actually for free. Take one. It’s free.”

Walahi(to be frank), I thought he was kidding but when he handed it over to me and began to walk away, I was thrilled.

Now that I knew it’s free, I didn’t go ahead to tell him I had four masks at home ( I would say to a mask seller who insisted that I bought one extra, “Hey,, what do you want me to do with the four I have at home and the one I’m wearing right now? Cook soup with them?”).

I looked closely at it. It’s a standard mask, the kind that is sold five hundred naira.

My face lit up. No one gets enough free things, you know. We can only get enough of things our monies can buy.

You might be thinking; It’s just a mask and not some precious stones or something. Even though it was a little gift, I was inspired and motivated to get involved in the #covid-19stopswithme initiative.

Why was I excited over one piece of face mask?

I’m excited because it was my first free COVID-19 care item. First-ever, and from a young man, not from my nation and not any of my connections or associations. A total stranger, way too younger than me!

I’m inspired!

Tailors sew face masks but they sell them. That’s good hustle and whenever I see them, I admire their efforts.

They were making good use if the opportunity and at the same time, helping people who would patronise them stay safe.

So, it’s a huge surprise to see this young man giving them out for free. Lots of them. He’s an inspiration to me.

I haven’t even bought hand sanitizer or mask to give out to stangers. I only bought for my immediate family because I don’t want them to get the virus.

What about my neighbours? Even though I know they are taking good care of themselves, I should have at least tried reminding them of safety during this time by offering them these necessary COVID-19 supplies.

I’m inspired by this young man to take action to make a little difference where I am.

To show him that I was touched, I collected his business contact.

I’m so dumping my seamstress and picking him as my future tailor. If he is good, I’m so taking my friends and family to his fashion shop. 😀😃

In this world we are in now, people like me want to make money from anything. That’s ok. We need money for a whole lot of things and if we don’t make it, we don’t have it.

But there are times we just have to close our eyes and do giveaways. We just have to let our customers know that it’s not always about money. We show them that they matter to us as well.

I’m inspired to be kind during this trying period.

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