Domain Chaos #14 – The Gold Wristwatch 2

Eket woke up with a start and her drowsy body coiled up in a stretch. As the muscle in her neck tensed to alarm her of an overstretch, she relaxed.

A thought came through as she eased her feet off the bed and dropped them on the brown tiles.

There was something, an important thing she scheduled to do that morning. She cocked her head towards her shoulder as she tried to recoup it from her memory. After a couple of seconds, she gasped.

The wristwatch! Oga’s Wristwatch!

She needed to return it to him before he would leave for the office.

She stood up and dug her arm into her pillowcase to retrieve it.

It’s still there. Thank God.

She took a hurried stride towards the door but recalled it was still too early. Oga should be sleeping.

She returned it to safety and strolling out to start he day’s housework.

When Madam went into the kitchen to prepare him breakfast, she hurried to their bedroom to return the wristwatch.

“Good morning sir, ” she greeted through the open door, making sure she wasn’t looking into the room.

“Good morning Eket. Is there any problem?”

“Yes, sir”

“What happened? Come in.” Eket walked into the room a little shaky. If her madam ever caught her in her bedroom, she would be mad with fury. She had warned her not to enter her room except she asked her to.

“I came to return your wristwatch.” She said with extended arm but Ndubisi looked on in confusion. It wasn’t his. He thought about the missing gold wristwatch and recoiled.

“Where did you find this?”

“I found it in Chinedu’s school bag.” She watched his reaction but wasn’t sure of his feeling. “I returned it by myself, sir, so you can reprimand him. He shouldn’t take your things to school….. He might lose it, sir.”

Ndubisi took it, studied it as he scurried to his feet.

Eket felt the air as Oga swept past her and hastened to the door. She turned but he was gone, headed to Chinedu’s room. Eket hurried towards him.

“Sir, please, don’t touch him. Only warn him. Please don’t punish him. Please, sir.”

Ndubisi had already entered Chinedu’s room. She heard the door bolt and his firm voice as he demanded an explanation.

Madam rushed to the door and started banging. Eket saw mama peep through her door. She was anxious.

“What happened Eket? Why happened? She asked clutching her chest.” Eket opened her mouth but no sound came through.

What would she say?

She only whispered silent prayers. She was in trouble. If Madam ever found out that she returned the wristwatch to Oga instead of her, she would send her to her packing.

She shouldn’t have returned the wristwatch to Oga.

To be continued…..

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  1. Poor thing Eket. How could she have known who to report to. Let’s hope she survives the wahala she got herself into.

    We await subsequent parts of the story.


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