Inspired Sunday #8

Love is an obligation – that’s what we owe each other. The best way to live is to love and the best way to die is to hate.

Love is immeasurable. It’s vaster than the universe and deeper than the bottomless pit. There is no limit to the number of people we can love at a time.

What limits our ability to love is hate. When hate lords over us, we become different. We become vicious.

When we hate others, we hate ourselves – we destroy ourselves.

Each time we hate, something dies in us. First, love and peace. If we keep hating, some other things die – joy and happiness. Finally, we die. Hate makes us hollow on the inside, eaten up by a burning and perpetual hatred.

This burning hate makes us deadly. We become aggressive, fight and kill each other. We do not fight because we disagree, we fight because we hate each other. We make sophisticated guns and weapons of mass destruction (products of a hateful mind) to destroy one another.

Love is a powerful weapon against hate.

With love, we can conquer hate. We dwell together in harmony. We overlook wrongs and forgive one another. We feel empathy and show compassion. We care for each other and share what we have with one another. We seek for each other’s good. In loving we make a heaven for each other.

When we feel hate, such thing as simple as a natural and a loving smile at the ones we hate mght help us suppress and overcome the hate we feel for them.

Love is life.

We need to love to live. So we chose to love.

May we find love as we make loving others an obligation.❤️

Have a blessed week ahead!

11 thoughts on “Inspired Sunday #8”

  1. Hi Florence

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article and thoughts with us again.

    I thought that this was a typing error and thought that you meant to write it as: “the best way to live is to love, and the worst way to die is to hate”

    Those who show good characters during peace times are those who would be courageous during tough times. During a tough time people need to make sacrifices. Therefore, if one had not developed the character of thinking of other during peace times, it would be unlikely that he would become or practice being unselfish during tough times.

    Likewise, I think that if one had chosen to love others to live better, he would also choose to die well by doubling his effort and love others more. How?

    Doing something good that others will benefit from long after you have gone ie. building a School, digging a well, planting the last crop in your hand into the ground -that is if you wete told your time was up in the middle of farming activities etc.

    All these could be sign of good and peaceful ending.

    Though peace sustains life, peace doesn’t need us – we need it. However, we can only get peace when we give the peace a chance.

    Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful thoughts with us.

    Best regards


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    1. Hi Abdifatah!

      Thanks for your observation. It’s meant to read ‘the simplest way to die ( not physical death). I’ll have another look at it later.

      Thanks for your contribution. It’s philosophical and thought-provoking. Thanks a lot. 🧡


      1. HI Florence
        “The simplest way to die is to hate..”, I will remember this for a long time to come.
        I knew before, though it is hard to practice, that forgiving others is not a matter of showing compassion to others, but also showing that you love yourself too ( the same way as you would love, if someone was to help you achieve your goal).
        For example, if you let go of something that causing you a trouble or negative thoughs you are harbouring, then you can use your positive energy for something that will lead you to achieve your potentials or objectivity.
        Therefore to achieve our potentials we need to tolerate more.
        Thank you one again Florence for educating us and making us think better about ourselves and that of others.
        Best regards

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        1. Hi Abdifatah!

          You’re right, we need to tolerate more to achieve our potentials. I don’t know what anybody would ever do without tolerance.

          We also need to tolerate haters by understanding what happens when they hate us; they hate themselves, they die inside.


          1. Hi Florence

            I agree with you totally sister.

            Haters hate no one, but themselves. Because their actions compromise their wellbeings and also prevents them from achieving their potentials.

            Best regards


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