Inspired Sunday #10

We all love our homes but we leave it for some other places. We leave our towns, states, countries or continents to live in another for a long, long time. Sometimes we have good reasons for leaving, sometimes we don’t.

For some, it’s mandatory to leave their homes. For these, they don’t have an option. It could be work transfer, further studies or on a mission to restore peace.  This category is compelled to leave home and once the purpose is accomplished, they could carry their luggage and go home the same day. 

Some just want a different place from where they grew up. They can’t imagine  spending their entire lives in that same place. 

Some say “The light shines brighter on the other side!” For them, setting feet there means a better, happier life.

Some say, “I want to flee and never come back to this damned place of mine.” For these, leaving is surviving – it’s staying alive.

Some won’t leave home for any reason at all. They could resign from work when transferred. For these ones, home is the best place. No matter how home is, they’ll be there till the end. They love it till death.

Home Is Where We Find True Peace.

In truth there is no where as peaceful as  home. Home is where all your pieces come together as a whole. Home is where you find rest. Home is that one place you truly miss just like your mother’s cooking.

You Will Never Forget Your Home.

Do have a blessed week💖

11 thoughts on “Inspired Sunday #10”

  1. It’s always been mandatory for me you know. Further studies and all. I love my home very much but it’s quite inevitable that I’d leave one-day. To start my journey towards fending for myself and creating a family. But home will always remain in my heart regardless💚

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    1. To me leaving home to live somewhere else is very ok. I feel like the real journey of life, with it’s productive challenges begins when we leave home to live elsewhere. We make use of great opportunities that avail to us, utilising our youthful exuberance to achieve these goals. That particular mindset; that we’re away from home to attain a more stable life, makes it easier to work harder. We miss home while at it- so leaving home is more of a sacrifice we make everytime to achieve certain life objective.

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