Fifteen Years Later

Steve’s parents died when he was very tender and didn’t realize they were dead. His busy aunt, who couldn’t look after him took him to an orphanage.
As a child, he noticed the difference between his home and the home he had been taken to and all he wanted was return to his aunt.

On his ninth birthday, his auntie visited him at the orphanage. Steve was happy she came to take him back and happy he was leaving the orphanage, a place he didn’t like. Unfortunately, he was led away to yet another home. Even thought it was a very rich home, he wanted to be with his aunt, the only family he knew.

That day, he watched his aunt take some money from them but never knew he was been sold out to another family and he would never see his aunt again. He had cried when she gave him a pat on the back and waved him bye.

He was taken to his new home; where he became the working machine at the hands of grown-ups.

It baffled him that none out of the six children of the billionaire master found the brutal way he was handled loathsome. They all enjoyed the terrible hurtful joke.

The day he made a request to be allowed to visit his aunt, he was thrown into a cell in the basement for 2 days without food nor water just like the day he begged madam he wanted to go to school like the other children.

Fifteen years later, at twenty four, stunted and hardened, he decided to escape from his slavery. He did with his master’s son’s millions after planning for a month.

It was so easy to leave the house that he wondered why he didn’t do that for the past fifteen years.

He didn’t waste time to travel to a place where no one would find him. He knew that his master would be looking for him.

Four years later, as he was passing by a subway, he met a friend, a 5-year-old homeless boy whose mum had sent to seek for help.

From the first day he set eyes on that little boy, he saw his little self at the orphanage, longing for his mama.

He took them home. At first, Samson’s mother, Janet, was scared. No one could take them home for the past five years and she thought Steve wanted something bad with them. But the next day, Steve found them them a studio flat and gave her some money to start her own business.

Janet was twenty four and had her own story. She was driven from home when she became pregnant because she couldn’t provide the man who got her pregnant. She admitted she lived a very reckless life as a young girl and attracted the anger of her parents.

Janet turned on the TV one day and saw the person at large; he was Steve. Steve robbed the son of a Billionaire. Janet was terrified. All the while she and her child had been living on stolen money. Steve was a criminal. She was disappointed and made up her mind to expose Steves location to the police.

Steve was arrested and Jailed.

Janet packed out from the house Steve found them to another house. She didn’t want to have anything to do with a criminal.

For months Samson’s tears didn’t stop. He would never forgive his mother for helping the police to get to Steve. He would never talk to her.

Janet, on the other hand, felt remorseful for hurting his son and the man who had been kind to her, at the same time, she felt she did the right thing.

Five months later, Samson sat by the waterside feeling depressed. Someone tapped his shoulder and he jumped to his feet.

“Uncle Steve! I thought you went to jail?”

“I escaped”


“Where is your mom?”

“I haven’t seen her in days, “

“Take me to her, will you?”

“What will you do to her?”

“Thank her for making me a better person,”

Samson beamed and Steve’s heart melted. He loved him. He will love them forever.

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