Inspired Sunday #11

When we find ourselves in a difficult situation and there’s nothing we can do to help ourselves, we wish for a miracle. At that point, we depend on the mercy of God to get us out of our difficulty. This help comes as a favour granted to us through others. This makes favour a very important aspect of living.

It is favour that takes us to where we can’t possibly reach with our natural exertion. With favour, life becomes simple: life becomes easy. But the problem with favour is, it doesn’t come as easily as we desire or need it to. That’s why we find life hard half of the time because we can’t favour ourselves.

If I needed a job and had tried everything in my power to secure it without any luck, the next thing I would do would be to find someone or someone who knows someone who could help me get that job. I keep looking for this special person until I find him. For the time I’m hoping for him to get that job and the time he got the job and as long as I have that job, that person would remain my superior.

He’s my superior because he’s that one person who could do what I couldn’t do for myself. He becomes my powerful influencer. I could do whatever he asks me to as long as I got that job.

I could craw on all fours and lick his shoes to keep receiving his favour, I become overly respectful, otherwise, I should as well forgo that favour.

It’s also good to have the extent to which we can go with our superiors as we try to keep receiving the favour We shouldn’t sell our worth and credibility to keep their favour.

It’s good to note that no one on their own can favour anyone; God only uses them to bring us favour. It’s your duty to show respect and do what you’re asked to do to please your superior.

However, be wise any time you’re left to chose between your credibility and the favour you’re gaining, chose freedom. Drop that favour on your superior’s table and go home. You’ve lost nothing you won’t get back, You have that which you haven’t lost; your good self.

Do have a blessed week.💖

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