Do All You Can Now

My first argument this morning was with my daughter who thought I won’t be there in the 2030’s. Even though she mistook the 30’s to be 2100, I got the message. A time is coming when no matter how old I could grow to be, I won’t be here anymore. If I’m wise enough, I should make good use of my remaining time on earth. Here isn’t a permanent place – this is what I often forget.

The second argument was that people are old when they reach certain age say, 50 and up. I took my time to explain to her that people are old only when they are too old to do things they usually did, when they can’t do things for themselves anymore and have to rely on others to do things for them.

I sited an example with her great-grandma, my grandma, who died at a ripe old age and who she was opportune to spend time with. At a point, she had to accept my assertion. She was there when grandma was fed and carried around. Her prayer at the time was ” God please make grandma walk again, so she could do things for herself.”

I don’t believe that an active person is old. It’s strange but that’s true for me. So age is only a number.

Hope you’re having a great time.❤

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