Fiez-Writer | To My WP Friends As Well As My Readers All Over The World🙂❤

Hello, my WP friend and readerI hope you’re doing great wherever you are.

Sorry, I’ve not been able to make my daily posts as I usually do ( to my fellow bloggers and writers, sorry I’ve not read some of your inspiring and fun posts for quite some time). It’s all due to a lot of things going on in my life right now.

Apart from the ENDSARS Campain which has gone really bad and has kept me wondering what kind of leaders we have, I’m working hard on my NOVEL, which I’m hoping to publish latest by January.

My heart still bleeds for those youths killed in my country, at Lekki and all over the nation, when they were peacefully protesting against a brutal and corrupt system. I feel for the families of the victims.

So, I beg of you my friend, bear with me right now.

I hope to pick up with my daily posting and reading of your posts, when possible.

I hope your own country is doing well, apart from the covid-19 wahala, of course, which I hear is at an increase. Please protect yourself and your loved ones. Don’t fall a victim.

Have a blessed week.❤❤

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