Igbo Youths

Oko, Anambra, Nigeria –

The youths are the strength of every nation. A nation which neglets it’s youths heads towards a dead end.

Oko, Anambra, Nigeria.

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    1. 😀
      It’s special Igbo traditional wear, worn on occasions of wedding and other special events. I stumbled upon the lot while on a travel. To be honest, I don’t know what the parade was all about. I saw them near Oko, Polytecnic – a higher Institution. I guess they were students showing off their School King and Queen. Thanks for your interest. I appreciate your intuition.

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      1. Oh that sounds so exciting. I love it when we have events when we can dress up and stuff. Are school kings and queens, sort of like head boy nd head girl? Student council body sort of thing? I just find multicultural interaction so intriguing because we are all so diverse and yet we have similarities in the core of our traditions. It feels amazing to know more about these things that’s why. 🖤🤩

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        1. You’re amazing. The King and queen hold the actual royalty but within the school cultural setting. It has nothing to do with academics but has a lot to do with bringing to light or showcasing the culture of the primary ethnicity; that’s the culture of the people where the school stands. The King and queen also have to represent the school at cultural events outside the school as well as political events, if invited. The reign of the king and queen with good conduct usually lasts until the final year when another king and queen will be appointed. It’s all fun.

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          1. Ah that does sound a lot like student council. But with such an interestimg twist. Thanks for explaining it so well. These are such interesting informations ☺

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