Happy New Year!

In the past, my folks had the ritual of chasing the passing year away with gunshots, bonfire and angry shouts. Folks dwelt on the unpleasant events of the passing year and wished history didn’t repeat itself, even though I knew that such unpleasant event were highly possible in the coming year in a different magnitude.

In those days, few minutes before midnight of 31st December, the entire community would be filled with voices casting the passing year away. Afo gbarakwa aka laba oooo ( voices urging the passing year in Igbo to go away with an empty hand…)

I always imagined the year reluctantly hastening away, with an unhappy face and a scowl as someone being exiled. I imagined a new a brand new year, shining, smiling and gloriously coming towards us, with goodies of all kinds. I also imagined how sad it would look at the end of the year when it would be cast away with an empty handed.

2020 makes the previous years before it look like saints and the ones after it, untrustworthy. But 2020 has something good about it as well. We only need to put covid-19 behind to see them.

Every year has it’s challenges, 2021 is no exception, and we should prepare our minds to face the challenges. It could be mild, it could be severe but what matters is our positive attitude, which we need to cope.


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