Odd Fate #1

Mary saw the storm across the horizon, through the glass wall of the seaside eatery, a few kilometres away. It was coming slowly and looked like a normal storm, nothing to be afraid of. She ignored it and focused on the menu before her. Her father sat across the table, a little busy with the waiter. Her eyes twinkled when he smiled at her. She had missed him a lot.

He had spent half his life sailing on the sea as a captain, with little to no time for her and her mom. ‘That’s the nature of my job.’ he once told her when she asked why he was not always there, ‘I have to keep it that way to give you both a good life.’

That evening, she waited for him at the landing and dragged.

‘My graduation is in three weeks papa and I want you to be there.’ there was an edge in her tone. She knew what he was going to say. He was not giving his word because his schedules were usually tight beyond his control. His spoke-spoken nature disarmed her. Tears had clouded her eyes when a woman screamed.

“Look!” Everyone’s head turned in her direction and their eyes followed her index finger to behold what she saw. All stood in awe of the awesome yet terrifying sight. Everyone rushed to the door. The chefs with their ladles and knives and the waiters with their trays, everyone wanted to have a better view of it. Everyone’s bulging eyes almost popped out of their sockets as the horror advanced and enlarged.

It was an enormous white windstorm just like clouds pushed around by some massive force. The spinning wind darted in all directions as if searching for something important.

The more it revealed itself, the more terror gripped everyone. Like the titan, its power and strength were terrific. Before everyone’s glare, it went in the direction of a car, a jeep wrangler parked in its unsteady path and lifted it, carried it high in the air, extending to reach wherever it wanted and then brought it down furiously to crash. The owner ran towards it menacingly but people stopped him.

As it made for the eatery as if intentionally, everyone made for a fast escape. The eyewitness reporters, who aimed at getting every detail of the incident, ran.

When escape became impossible for some people, they were swept off their feet into the middle of the spinning storm. Mary was one of the dozens first captured and she felt its virtual walls rub against her helpless body causing vibration in her flesh as they began to ascend.


2 thoughts on “Odd Fate #1”

  1. This is such an intense story. You made an effortless switch from the inner to outer storm. What must it feel like to be gripped by such violent strength? Wonderful! 🙂

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    1. It must feel like the end. And for her father, it must be worse – feeling of guilt, for not being there and now he’ll never get the chance to make it up to her.
      Thank you so much, Terveen for your support. Your analysis is flawless. Thank you.đź’–

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