What I loved

If what I loved vanished into the past
I'd turn the heavens upside down
In search of where the past rebounds
Even though I'd pay the cost of time

If I fell back into deep emptiness
I'd climb the slimy mount of hope
To where my subtle passions slope
Lest I drowned in the sea of void

If what I loved was here no more,
I'd fly to where the world began
And grieve as the mortal I am
For the thing that's hard to resist.

I'd feel the bitter pang of loss
But I'll never lose my world to it
And I'll never lose my being to bits.
Without my life nothing prevails.

Life is the reason I'm here still
Life is the reason I think of love
When I lose it to the love I lost
I've won nothing but double loss

I'd let go of what I loved
I came into the world alone
I came with nothing that I own
What I have is what life gives.

© Fiez

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