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Work hard. And have patience. Because no matter who you are, you’re going to get hurt in your career and you have to be patient to get through the injuries.

Randy Johnson

The Patient Writer – Golspen

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  1. Florence, I’m learning this is true! The recent critique of my first 20 pages was painful to read but necessary if I’m to become a good fiction writer.

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    1. Thank you, Janetsm. Criticism is important even though it’s painful especially when it’s coming from a careless critique who will only see bad side of your writing. I like it when it’s constructive, you know, if a good critique criticised the first 20 pages of your writing, he must as well find something good to say about it, even if it’s a little before dropping the bomb, so that even if you’re pained, you’ll have something to smile upon or fall back on. In any case, patience is the key and I’m glad you learned this from your experience. Thank you once more for sharing.


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