Odd Fate #3

The windstorm increased its velocity and in seconds they hovered above the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. It steadied itself on the wet sandy beach, a few centimetres from the shore, lingered there for a while, spinning closer to the waters and dropped them.

Mary lay on the sand dizzy. The Strange Man got to his feet and rolled her into his arms.

‘Who are you?’

The Strange Man smiled down at her in silence as he went close to the ocean. He said something in a strange language and a wave rolled towards them and swept them into the ocean. Once they’re inside, he let her go.

Seconds later, Mary’s face appeared above the water. Both hands beat the surface and her legs kicked against the water to keep her face above the water.

The strange man pulled her by the trunk into the deep. A submarine vessel with upper part made of glass approached from a distance The Strange Man took her into the vessel and it rode off.


Everyone waited for them to surface but nothing happened.

“This whole thing is weird.” One of the onlookers standing at the beach said.

“Where could they be?” One of the rescuers asked his colleague.

“Probably in the bottom. Let the divers go.” said the team leader. Three divers plunged into the ocean and the search for Mary and The Strange Man began.

To be continued…

© Fiez – writer

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