A Small House Will Hold A Hundred Friends – African Proverb

When Vultures Surround You, Try Not To Die. -African Proverb
Why Take Away Something By Force Which You Can Obtain By Love?
-African Proverb

Worry Is Like A Rocking Chair, It Swings You Back And Forth And It Takes You Nowhere. -African Proverb

A Wind Can Move The Branches Of Trees But It Will Never Move The Head Of A Man.
– African Proverb
When A Naked Person Promises You Cloth, Beware.
– African Proverb
Work Is Good, As Long As You Don’t Forget To Live.
African Proverb
Whoever Stands In Need Of Honey Should Not Be Afraid Of Bees.
-African Proverb
When The Cockroach Decides To Make The Cock It’s Friend, It Must Be Ready To End Up In Cock’s Stomach.
– African Proverb

The Person Who Is Coming From The Bowels Of The Earth Doesn’t Despise Even The Smallest Of Sunshine.
– African Proverb

A Small House Will Hold A Hundred Friends. African Proverb


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